Shenzhen ShiningSmart Business Co.Ltd.

     The subsidiary of Shenzhen ShiningIntl Technology Ltd.,  Shiningintl is a company who focuses on smart electronics solution, it provides the creative and smart electronics products to meet the modern living requirment, more on, ShiningSmart focuses on online retail business, server the clients all over the world who like the creative, fashion products .

     As part of the ShiningIntl, ShingSmart’s commission is to bring our "Shiningintl motivation on creative, healthy movement" mission to the world, the users can get our products and feed back to us anytime, anywhere, that give our clients full experience in lower cost, high quality and supplier guarantees. This help the people from worldwide to extend its success with our products or brand.

    As internet business has changed a lot in international business, today Shiningsmart business will keep going on the business development:

Music and Audio devices:

Smart watch and bracelet:

Creative gift: