how to save money when buying consumer electronics

Everyone want to same money when buying, but do you know how to smart same money? that is not easy, at lease you need to know some knowleadge about  shopping security, cost structure of selling.The cost structure of buying from different channel are not the same. here are some comparing to different shopping channel, 

how to buy smart watch with lower price


Cost compare:

eBay : will charge a publication fee plus 10% of the turnover fee (to $ 24.99 for skin care products, eBay will charge $ 1.45 (plus placement fee listing upgrade fee) + $ 2.25 (Transaction Fees ), for a total cost of $ 3.70, approximately 14.8% of the sales amount. in the eBay sellers sold things also know that if the goods did not sell placement within the time, running costs are not even back.

 Amazon:  is not charged listing fees directly charged 15% of the turnover, which also includes the cost of Amazon's cash flow, at no extra cost.

Manufacturer owned online store: no extra cost, pricing may lower than on ebay or amazon , consumers can get the maximum benefits.some big manufacture won't low the price on its website store,it need to balance the profit of different channel such as store agent,distributor, such as  Nike,Cannon. but most of the brand will low the price than other channels.for example, when buying a smart watch, then go to the online store owned by the manufacturer, it often will be lower 5% .


Logistics compare:

Amazon: To provide consumers with a good shopping experience, be sure to need through local logistics providers deliver the order in a short time to the customer's hands. Amazon through Fullfillment by Amazon (FBA)  service, so that brands can send goods to Amazon warehouse in advance, once the sales generated, Amazon can quickly bring products to the customer. Any logistical problems during the entire process will be the responsibility of the Amazon, brands do not need to intervene.

Ebay: eBay also advocated in recent years with third-party logistics ship, however, after all, through outside vendors, process orders for the brand is still relatively trouble.

Manufacturer owned online store: manufacturers handle logistics, Amazon is now part of the logistics is controlled by the seller, amazon, ebay only provide display platform and flow inlet


Customer Relationship compare:

Amazon:  the seller on Amazon just like a brand suppliers, consumers often  regard that  goods are sold by the Amazon, try to play down the role of the seller. For new sellers, this is a very big advantage, you gain the trust of consumers directly through Amazon.

Ebay: In eBay, the seller like the role of a small store, when consumers buy goods, knew he was purchased directly from the seller. As a new seller, without any evaluation, consumers will not trust you, the conversion rate will be particularly low.

Manufacturer owned online store: Buyer and Seller communicate directly with the manufacturers online store platform, the service often is in time and professional, a lot of expertise can be found on the website of professional sellers, and get good after sale service

Purchase Protection

Amazon: Amazon has protection policy implementation. If consumers are not satisfied with a third-party sellers of goods, protection can initiate A to Z protection

Ebay: eBay buyer protection for the buyer such as: received a complaint goods, or goods received and the description does not match, to protect the interests of buyers

Manufacturer owned online store: paypal or other third-party payment platform to ensure that buyers enjoy the same security services as ebay, Amazon, etc., to communicate more quickly and efficiently


in conclusion:

     Buy on amazon, ebay can get good protection, but customers need to spend a greater cost, because amazon, ebay sellers will impose at least 10% to 15% of the cost, but directly through the Manufacturer owned online store website, you can saving cost .from logistic comaring, we did not find much different, they all take the famous logistic companies ,such as DHL, epackage,Singapore post, so finding the right manufacturer at your target product, then  go to the manufacturer online store website to buy directly is better on money saving.